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Forty Nine Burning Condors thrive off of ghost stories, all manners of good-for-nothing witches, and tales of sinful cowboys told at unseemly hours of the night over a straight glass of whiskey with friends. Our acoustic style is simple and reminiscent of the folklore that has been passed down, time and time again, getting slightly twisted and darker with each passing listen.

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49BC Skull


49BC Leo

Troubles Ahead

49BC Snake

Black Creek Waltz

49BC Flower


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Upcoming Shows

Raven Lounge
Philadelphia, PA
10:30pm - 11:00pm

May 7th

Voltage Lounge
Philadelphia, PA

June 2nd

Peacock Room
Philadelphia, PA

June 19th

The Thirsty Soul
Philadelphia, PA

August 9th 10:30pm

Dawson St. Pub
Philadelphia, PA

Sept. 6th 9:00pm

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